Quality and Aesthetic Fire Doors

You are now even safer with Efectis certified ECR Door fire escape doors that are fire-resistant for 240 minutes. 

Ecr Door AssuranceQualityInnovationHonesty protects you against fire.

Local Production

As ECR Door Company, we have been doing our business with great dedication since 1971 and we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. In this sector, where we operate on fire doors, we act

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A first in the Turkey, 240 Minutes Certificate

The fire doors we produce are completely in compliance with world standards and can withstand fire for 240 minutes. Our products, which we offer to our users, pass through quality control mechanisms dozens of times. Fire doors with many national and international certificates satisfy our customers during the use phase.

Continuous Improvement

Since the year we were founded, we have kept our vision quite wide by acting with the policy of domestic production and domestic capital, always taking care of the needs of our customers and aiming to develop ourselves with high R & D efforts. We are rapidly advancing to become a world leader in fire door manufacturing by exceeding Turkish standards.

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

When you call it a fire door, you can no doubt think of the products that prevent the smoke and flames from passing to the side where people are present at the time of the fire. Even though the book is known as knowledge, to speak for Turkey, fire doors were used only as accessories in places until recent years. Fire door usage regulations were created by fire departments and ministries after a fire disaster occurred in popular places in our country.  read more