About Us

About Us

ECR Door, branded within the Maltepe iron and Steel Service Center, produces world class fire doors by combining innovation, technology, aesthetics and experience. ECR Door aims to be a pioneer in the fire door sector with its own brand fast and sure steps.

ECR Door, founded in 1971, Maltepe Iron and Steel Service Center Corporate Management, Quality-uncompromising production understanding, dynamic and strong structure and the integrity of the experience in the sector was founded on the basis of.

ECR Door, the brand of Maltepe Iron and Steel service, which takes a peaking role in service, aims to spread its journey to every stage of the fire door sector and to provide better service in line with customer expectations and demands to deliver innovations in the service area to more advanced levels.

In this context, ECR Door fire doors aim to make every moment of life livable with the wide range of products and high-quality service approach it offers to you in order to reach its position in the sector to the highest level. In order to create new values that will raise our living standards from existing beauties and provide a safer living space, it has adopted the principle of providing the best service and quality to its customers and business partners both in domestic and foreign markets with its technical staff, sales and after-sales support team.

We do not only produce fire doors, but we also produce all kinds of fire-resistant doors.

Sadece yangın kapısı değil, yangına dayanımlı kapılar da üretiyoruz.

Our vision

To be the pioneer of innovation by developing our international standards in exploration, bidding and technical service processes with the leadership of the sector and all the possibilities of technology and to provide superior service.

Our Mission

To provide a line of aesthetics and quality that will respond to high expectations at a higher level than them; to differentiate by offering a highly successful service understanding with a team that thinks and works diligently on behalf of the customer.

Our values

We set our goal of being a leader in the region and in the world, which always pleases our customers, business partners, employees and stakeholders, with the company values we own.

Customer Oriented

We constantly conduct field research and collect information in order to meet the needs and expectations of all our customers.

Honest and Clear

We believe that an honest and consistent service in the sectors we serve is a key factor in gaining the trust of our customers.

Focused on Continuous Development

We respect every future idea for the possible benefits that development and innovation will bring to our country and society.

Environment and society sensitive

We support all kinds of Social Responsibility projects aimed at sustainable, environment and society as a result of our main emphasis on the concept of ‘human’ beings.